Accessible Eating Places in Inverclyde


Inverclyde Council on Disability Ltd has produced a guide to accessible eating places in Inverclyde, assisting both local disabled people and visitors to the area to make the most of their social life. The guide is available to download as an Adobe Acrobat PDF document here, or use the menu on the left for an index of the individual sections.

Visitors to Inverclyde can find out general information about the area by visiting the Inverclyde Council website here and the Inverclyde Tourist Group website here.

this is the front cover of our accessible eateries guide

Inverclyde Council on Disability Ltd follow mainly the Social Model of Disability, which argues that it is the barriers in our communities that “disables” us, not our impairments. Shortly after the implimentation of Part III of the DDA (1995), ICOD Ltd visited shops in our local Shopping Mall, to firstly check for accessibility and also to raise awareness with those which were inaccessible. Having received a positive response from this, it seemed natural to then explore whether or not the Inverclyde Eateries were accessible. This guide has been compiled using the knowledge and experience of disabled people, and it is hoped that both local residents and visitors to Inverclyde will find it useful when choosing a place to eat and socialise.

Kathy McDade, Chair of ICOD Ltd

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the guide to Accessible Eateries in Inverclyde which has been prepared by Inverclyde Council on Disability Ltd. I consider that there are two great pleasures in life: eating and being sociable. The Accessible Eateries Guide allows those with disabilities and those without to join in both of these activities together and with no detriment to either. I was also pleased to see the range and variety of restaurants and eating places within Inverclyde and, disability aside, this is a good guide to the tourist initiatives which Inverclyde is keen on. In short, ICOD Ltd are adding to the regeneration of the area by producing this excellent document.

Ian Fraser, Corporate Director, Education and Social Care, Inverclyde Council