Our Vision – Our History

“Disability Knows No Boundaries”

What is ICOD?

The Inverclyde Council on Disability (ICOD) was set up by a group of determined and enthusiastic disabled people in 1987 who wanted to ensure that the voice of disabled people in Inverclyde was heard.

We subscribe to the social model of disability, which states that:

Disability is taken to be "the disadvantage or restriction of activity caused by a contemporary social organisation which takes little or no account of people who have impairments and thus excludes them from participation in the mainstream of social activities Disability is therefore a particular form of social oppression (Source: UPIAS).

This is carried out through ICOD’s involvement with other local, regional and national organisations of disabled people and other related national organisations.

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What we do.

We started off as a campaigning organisation aimed at improving the quality of life of those with a disability in the local area. Our aim is to increase the understanding of the issues of disability and to encourage inclusion in its fullest sense between disabled and non-disabled members of the community. Constitutionally, our board of directors always consist of a majority of disabled people, so have a real knowledge of the varying needs of disabled people and our services are user-led.

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Our Aims.

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Our Activities.

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